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Why Partner with Dîner en Noir? 

Other than the fact that our customers come to take part in our events to support the local business, dining and arts community, Diner en Noir has plan to host one-of-a-kind events in every major metropolitan city in the U.S., thereby expanding your return on investment and reach 10 - 30 fold.   Partnering with us gives you one of the best opportunity to meet and network with the city's thriving, growing, exciting and diverse exclusive private social & business community.  While corporate sponsorship is allowed, each sponsorship/partnership MUST be approved by Dîner en Noir Corporate.  All corporate sponsors are required to give a direct return to guests either during the event or after the purchase of a ticket/event registration.


Our partnership allows you to customize your brand's experience. Whether you are interested in growing your business, networking with potential customers & partners, or increasing brand awareness, our partnership opportunities are designed to help you achieve your specific objectives.

  • Spend valuable face time and build rapport with pre-qualified customers

  • Market your products to key influencers and decisions makers

  • Increase the profile of your products and services

  • Maximize customer acquisition and retention


With a financial or product contribution, a Dîner en Noir Partnership offers the following  benefits:

  • Discount rate code for your social media followers, members, vendors, etc.

  • Cross promotion via all platforms

  • Additional discounted or free (depending on registration level) event registration for 2 staff members

  • "Partner Corner"  highlight mentioning services or products in our #DEN Community e-Newsletter

  • A sliding scale compensation of each ticket sold when guest register under your Partner Name (not available for all partners).

  • Event Branding

  • Much More!!!


Simply complete the Partnership Interest Form and if we think it's a great match, we'll get back to you.


Dîner en Noir’s mission is to promote the city's arts and business communities by uniting friends and strangers alike from diverse backgrounds for a night of elegance, great food, arts, music, dancing and communion at our unique dining events. Founded on a concept of inviting and partnering with local businesses to come together and promote your cities unique artistic talent & businesses, Dîner en Noir has become both, a networking opportunity for its guests, as well as a chic elegant way to support the local community.

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