What Dîner en Noir IS


Dîner en Noir (#DEN) events are member-only, fully-curated, 3-part, black attire dining experiences held in secret locations in cities across the globe. #DEN’s mission is to promote & support our Host City's arts and small business communities by uniting friends and strangers alike from diverse backgrounds for a night of elegance, great food, arts, music, dancing and communion at our unique dining events. A portion of the event’s profits goes toward supporting a local arts & a small business development program/organization. 

Headquartered in Washington, DC, the Dîner en Noir Corporate Team is responsible for developing the overall mission & program for these fully-curated, three-part, black attire dining experiences. While each event is headed by a passionate team of local Host City organizers that bring a local flair to the event, these teams respect and operate in line with the core values & founding concept set forth by the corporate executive team.

Dîner en Noir Corporate receive requests from cities all over the world.  We have chosen to focus on building our brand in the U.S. & European before expanding further.  We have set up an exclusive turnkey service that supports organizers in the creation and management of their own event and look forward to working with local organizers to ensure a successful Dîner en Noir event.  CLICK HERE if interested in organizing an event in your city.



Picture this, several hours before the Dîner en Noir event, registered members who were patiently waiting to learn where the curated event will take place, will receive the secret location, via text and/or email. Our members and their guests, dressed in elegant black attire, and conducting themselves with the utmost sophistication, of which Dîner en Noir events are known for, will make their way across the city to arrive at the appropriate time and rendezvous location for a fully immersive three-part dining experience where guest participate in the unexpected.

Depending on the registration experience option (Dining, Plated or Full), guests will either arrive at the rendezvous location with neatly packed items to enjoy their experience or simply bring themselves.

During the course of the evening, Dîner en Noir Members & guests of small business owners, social media/cultural influencers, arts/business/city/community leaders, local-global entrepreneurs and jet setters experience an epic celebration of community support at some of the city’s unique hosting venues. Beyond the elegance of the three-part (Aperitif Cocktail Hour, Seated Dinner & Digestif “Après le Dîner” [After-Dinner] Party) event itself, our guests will take solace in knowing that they are brought together from diverse backgrounds by good taste, love and support of the city's arts & small business communities. Dîner en Noir encourages our guests to engage & network with one another, knowing that they were brought together in a supportive environment conducive to community-building. ​

Dîner en Noir's mission is to the promote & support the city's arts and small business communities by uniting arts lovers, business owners & supporters alike from diverse backgrounds for a night of elegance, great food, arts, music, dancing and communion at our unique dining events.  A portion of the profits from each event goes toward supporting our Dîner en Noir Community Award Recipients - two local non-profit organizations/programs in the arts & small business development arenas. 

Founded on a concept of inviting and partnering with local businesses to come together and promote each city's unique artistic talent & businesses, and dubbed THE Chicest Networking Event of the Season™, Dîner en Noir has become both, an artistic & business networking opportunity for its guests, as well as a chic and elegant way to support the local community.


DINING EXPERIENCE - Guests need to bring a square table (27" x 27" x 27") folding-table, two black chairs (or with black chair covers); a black picnic basket, a 3-course gourmet meal for two, a black tablecloth and cloth-napkins, cutlery, dishware, glassware, black transport cart that will fit under your table and a black garbage bag to take your trash. Bottles of wine and champagne can be purchased from the #DENStore.

PLATED EXPERIENCE - Guests simply need to bring themselves. Guest will enjoy and a full serviced 3-course dining experience complete with wait service. Note: wine/champagne not included. Bottles of wine and champagne can be purchased from the #DENStore.

FULL EXPERIENCE - Guests simply need to bring themselves. Guests will enjoy a full serviced 3-course dining experience and a complimentary pairing complete with wait service during the seated dinner. Guests will also enjoy access to the Founder's Lounge, which is the most exclusive experience of the Dîner en Noir event.  Founder's Lounge guests enjoy complimentary drinks & heavy passed hors d'oeuvres during the Aperitif Cocktail Hour & Digestif “Après le Dîner” (After-Dinner) Party, perks from our Partnering Sponsors and much more! Additional bottles of wine and champagne can be purchased from the #DENStore.

Please Note: Not all registration options may be available in your city.

What Dîner en Noir IS NOT
  • Dîner en Noir event isn’t an industry or marketing conference. It isn’t limited to one industry or field. It isn’t used to sell something.

  • A Dîner en Noir event is not organized by or for special-interest political, religious or commercial groups.

  • A Dîner en Noir event cannot partner with another conference or event without prior consent by Corporate.

  • Dîner en Noir event can’t be co-branded with an institution except under specific license types – for a college or university, or for internal events (for corporations, organizations or nonprofit).

  • A Dîner en Noir event is not a platform for professional national artists, such as motivational speakers and professional life coaches. Its purpose is to give a platform to those in the community who don’t often have one.

  • Dîner en Noir event is not focused solely on entrepreneurship, business or technology.  Diversity of small business owners and corporations is key!

PLEASE NOTE: Dîner en Noir (#DEN) is in NO WAY associated with Dîner en Blanc Paris, Dîner en Blanc International or any local Dîner en Blanc affiliates and while there may be similarities, #DEN is a community-based benefit event that aims is to promote & support the local arts & business community.  The Le Dîner en Noir/Dîner en Noir name, logos, & trademarks are all intellectual properties owned by Dîner en Noir Corporate, a subsidiary of HNC Enterprises, Incorporated, under the United States Patent & Trademark Office Registration Number 5793822. All Rights Reserved