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Dîner en Noir Community Awards
In concert with Dîner en Noir's (#DEN) mission to
of combating racial, financial, & systemic inequities in arts programming, small business/economic development, and health-wellness education/delivery in the vulnerable & under-served communities of our Host Cities around the globe, #DEN Events are a opportunity to celebrate and recognize phenomenal organizations & programs doing the important work directly impacting our communities.

#DEN CAP Award.png

Community Arts Programing Award

The Community Arts Programming (CAP) Award is awarded to local community nonprofit organizations/programs exhibiting a commitment to inclusivity, creativity, and community engagement through their programming initiatives while offering programming that build strong arts communities, stimulate local advocacy for the arts, & form strategic community alliances that propel arts forward.  While the financial donation aspect of the award can be used as the organization sees fit, It is the hope of Dîner en Noir that the funds are used to support projects that integrate arts, culture, and design activities into efforts that strengthen communities by advancing local economic, physical, and/or social outcomes.  The CAP Award's goal is to assist with funding that lays the groundwork for systemic changes that sustain the integration of arts, culture, and design into strategies that strengthening communities.   

Community Economic Development Award

The Community Economic Development (CED) Award is awarded to local community non-profit organizations/program, and initiatives that have demonstrated innovative strategies, leadership, and a profound impact on economic growth, sustainability, and community prosperity through the creation of sustainable business development, employment and economic opportunities. These organizations & programs showcase accomplishments that align with the principles of sustainable growth, job creation, and community empowerment.  While the financial donation aspect of the award can be used as the organization sees fit, it is the hope of Dîner en Noir that the funds are used to further the economic development, focusing on entrepreneurial growth, needed to continue to strengthen their community.  

Community Health Education & Delivery Award

The Community Health Education & Delivery (CHED) Award is awarded to local health professionals, educators, healthcare institutions, non-profit organizations, and community groups that have shown exceptional dedication to addressing the unique health needs of underserved communities. The recipient of this award has demonstrated a profound commitment to improving health outcomes through innovative and culturally sensitive education programs and service delivery for underserved populations.  While the financial donation aspect of the award can be used as the organization sees fit it is the hope of Dîner en Noir that the funds are used to directly impact health equity, access to care, and overall well-being in underserved populations.


The recipients of Dîner en Noir Community Awards will receive the following benefits:

  1. Public Recognition: Acknowledgement at the #DEN Event to honor and showcase the awardees' achievements, drawing attention to their positive impact and contribution to their local community.

  2. Media Exposure: Press releases, interviews, and feature articles in relevant publications to highlight the recipient's success and promote their contributions to health equity.

  3. Networking Opportunities: Access to exclusive events and networking opportunities with other leaders and influencers in their community & industry. 

  4. Promotion of Best Practices: The award serves as a platform to share successful strategies for serving underserved communities, encouraging the adoption of similar approaches to improve outcomes in each arena.

  5. Event Tickets:  

  6. Financial Donation:  A combined 10-30% of next profit proceeds​ of the presenting #DEN Event.  (Note: the financial donation is shared between all award recipients).

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