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Organize a Dîner en Noir Event in Your City

So you want to organize a DEN event?

We’re thrilled to have you. DEN is a community of thousands of members and organizers across the globe, and we welcome anyone, from anywhere, to create your own DEN experience.

But take note: Being a DEN host-organizer is an incredible experience, but it will take work, dedication and a lot of your time. So if you’re thinking about organizing a DEN event, it’s essential to make sure you’re ready to dive in and make the commitment.

Think of Dîner en Noir as hosting an awesome dinner party, with great food (that both your guest's and you caterer), brilliant local artists, an inspirational call to action to support the local arts & businesses community, and mind-blowing networking & community conversations. By organizing a Dîner en Noir event, you will have the opportunity to create a truly unique dining experience that will unleash new ideas, inspire and inform your community.

A new organizer?

Before you start

What is a Dîner en Noir event? - What a Dîner en Noir event is and isn't.
Your responsibilities - Dîner en Noir events takes time and effort.
The basics - What you need when applying for an event.

While Le Dîner en Noir (Dîner en Noir or #DEN) is only several years old, our #DEN family is constantly and quickly growing! Want to bring Dîner en Noir to your city? See below information.

We have hosted events in many cities across the U.S. with plans to expand internationally very soon.  Our philosophy & goal is simple and straightforward; we/our hosts/organizers aim to curate one of a kind, unforgettable dining experiences that bring together and connect guests from diverse backgrounds through their love for fine dining and the city’s business, dining and art community.   Our hosts not only want to participate in this philosophy, but they also respect it. Our corporate goal is to guide and coach interested and qualified organizers who wish to host a Dîner en Noir event in their city. We also link these new cities to the entire Dîner en Noir Nationwide Network.


If you want to organize a DEN event, you’ll first need to apply for a DEN Trade Name & Event License. No one is eligible to organize an event without being granted a license by Diner en Noir Worldwide. We are constantly welcoming new cities & organizers to the Dîner en Noir network via a licensing agreement.  There is an annual licensing fee, for hosts/organizers to use our trademark, which is based on the expected Membership/guest count.  The granting the event license includes our signature trademark logo and name, Le Dîner en Noir/Dîner en Noir, our website template at, and all the support services.  We ask that the organizers commit to respecting certain rules and guidelines of the Dîner en Noir family of events and Dîner en Noir Worldwide.  In addition to the trademark license, we also provide images, a media kit, production documents, as well as organizational and technical support for our website.  Our online tool allows organizers to collect the names & contact info of all members, those who joined the local community eVIP list, confirm guests who registered for the event, manage guest lists/guest departure points, sell meals/wine/champagne online, and also view confirmation of payment.

As a means of supporting all of the expenses associated with event production services, a Membership Fee is also charged directly to all guests that participate in your event to keep admission affordable. This allows them the privilege of becoming an official member of the Dîner en Noir National and Global Networks. They will automatically be re-invited to your event every year, be allowed priority registration to any event nationally (once they attend three #DEN Events), and any event world-wide (once they attend five #DEN Events).  The annual Membership Fee is based on the Host City location as well as any promotions running and can be anywhere from $29.99 - 69.99 USD. In addition to the membership fee, a 7-15% Ticket Transactional Fee per transaction will also be assessed. A max of one (1) membership per Host City may be purchased per person which allows the member to register and attend the event with one (1) guest. There is also a 20% fee on all merchandise sold via the #DENStore by the Host-Organizer. 

While corporate sponsorship is allowed, all sponsorships MUST be approved by Dîner en Noir Worldwide corporate office.  All corporate sponsors are required to give a return to guests either during the event or after the purchase of a ticket/event registration

If you would like to host your own Dîner en Noir event in your city, please click on the below button to full out interest form so that we can get to know you better.

We are looking forward to hearing more about you and your vision for bringing Dîner en Noir to your city!
Thank you,
Dîner en Noir Worldwide


PLEASE NOTE: The Le Dîner en Noir/Dîner en Noir name & logos & trademarks are all intellectual properties owned by Diner en Noir Corporate/HNC Enterprises, Incorporated; United States Patent & Trademark Office Registration Number 5793822. All Rights Reserved.

If interested in hosting/organizing a Diner en Noir event or an event using the Diner en Noir name, in your city, an application for a licensing agreement between the host/organizer and /Dîner en Noir Corporate/HNC Enterprises, Incorporated must be completed and signed PRIOR to any planning, promotion or selling of any event tickets. Please visit to submit a license application. 

Failure to comply with the above will constitute Intellectual Property Infringement and violation of 15 U.S.C. § 1057(c) of the U.S. Trademark Law which we will be forced to take appropriate legal action against the infringing party seeking all available damages and remedies.
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