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Organize a Dîner en Noir Event in Your City


Partner with Dîner en Noir Worldwide


Step into a realm of refined sophistication and intrigue by partnering with Dîner en Noir Worldwide, a global symbol of Black excellence, sophistication, and community support. In preparation of our 2024 season, Dîner en Noir Worldwide invites applications from event producers to orchestrate events in our current Host Cities as well as expanding to additional Host Cities across the globe.

But take note: While being a DEN Host-Organizer is an incredible experience, it will take work, dedication, and a lot of your time. So, if you’re thinking about organizing a DEN event, it’s essential to make sure you’re ready to dive in and make the commitment.

Launched in 2016, Dîner en Noir (#DEN) has grown substantially since its inception hosting events in many cities across the globe.  We invited event producers to partner with a global brand synonymous with Black excellence, sophistication, and community support and the FIRST BLACK-OWNED international fine-dining, events production and member organization.  With a mission to combat racial, structural, and financial inequities in arts programming, foster small business & economic development, and enhance health & wellness education in the underserved communities in our Host Cities, we are continuously expanding our #DEN family of events to increase our global social impact.

Event producers interested in becoming a #DEN Event Host-Organizer, will first need to complete an application for a #DEN Trade Name & Event License.  There is an initial LICENSING FEE for Host-Organizers to use our trademark, which is based on the expected Membership/guest count. There is also a 20% Royalty Fee on revenue generated by the licensed business. 

Whether you're curating an intimate 250-person affair or a grand 1000-person celebration, #DEN equips Host-Organizers with a comprehensive turn-key production platform and tools to craft a one-of-a-kind experience. Our seamless interface allows effortless customization, from venue and vendor selection to choosing local nonprofit beneficiaries, ensuring flawless execution.  The license includes our signature trademark logo and name, our website platform (, and all support services.  In addition to the trademark license, we also provide images, a media kit, production guidelines documents, as well as organizational and technical support. 


#DEN transcends the ordinary, blending immersive dining, art and business networking, health information dissemination, and community fundraising.

Create unforgettable events exuding mystery, allure, and elegance, while generating substantial financial returns (4x+ ROI) and giving back to the community. Corporate sponsorship, vendor partners, #DEN merchandise are all additional revenue streams that can be associated with your #DEN event.

Embark on your hosting journey with #DEN, where purpose and profit coalesce harmoniously. Dare to orchestrate events that linger in whispers of your guests by clicking the Apply for a #DEN License button and submitting your application to transform your visionary event into an unforgettable reality. Celebrate the fusion of Art, Business, and Community!

We look forward to hearing more about you and your vision for hosting a #DEN Event in your city!
Thank you,
Dîner en Noir Worldwide

PLEASE NOTE: The Le Dîner en Noir/Dîner en Noir name & logos & trademarks are all intellectual properties owned by Diner en Noir Corporate/HNC Enterprises, Incorporated; United States Patent & Trademark Office Registration Number 5793822. All Rights Reserved.

If interested in hosting/organizing a Diner en Noir event or an event using the Diner en Noir name, in your city, an application for a licensing agreement between the host/organizer and /Dîner en Noir Worldwide/HNC Enterprises, Incorporated must be completed and signed PRIOR to any planning, promotion or selling of any event tickets. Please visit to submit a license application. 

Failure to comply with the above will constitute Intellectual Property Infringement and violation of 15 U.S.C. § 1057(c) of the U.S. Trademark Law which we will be forced to take appropriate legal action against the infringing party seeking all available damages and remedies.

NOTE:  Dîner en Noir Worldwide has no affiliation with Dîner en Blanc International or any Dîner en Blanc local affiliate. 
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