Volunteer with Dîner en Noir
As Dîner en Noir gears up to welcome members and guest for our 2019 season, we will be looking for a group of high energy, passionate volunteers. These super-friendly and dedicated ambassadors for host cities will be responsible for making the kind of lasting impressions that are forever memorable. Our goal with the volunteer program is to take the words "community" & "hospitality" to new heights and provide the kind of warm, hearty welcome to all members & their guests that have become synonymous with Dîner en Noir.  Volunteers are an essential part of the overall Dîner en Noir experience. As we strive to show the cities across the United States the unique appeal of our events, we need volunteers who can masterfully represent their city and also welcome visitors to those cities. Our goal is to create a positive experience for every person.

Volunteer FAQ's

What is the role of a volunteer?

Volunteers may be positioned around the city in order to make a helpful lasting impression on visitors. Volunteer areas may be at the #DEN event, transportation hubs, hotels, and the volunteer headquarters. Responsibilities include event planning, greeting, way-finding, information support, and volunteer headquarters & event support.

Which volunteer positions are available?

While available volunteer positions depend on each city, the below is a full list of positions: Event Planning Committee Members: We need energetic, spirited and motivated individuals to work on planning committees in the areas of event logistics, event planning, corporate relations & partnering sponsorship, communications & public relations, guest experience & VIP relations and entertainment/programming in order to produce a highly successful event! Group Leaders: Our group leaders are responsible for a team of table leaders. Group Leaders ensure communication is disseminated and that last minute issues on the day of the event are handled. Table Leaders: Tables leaders ensure that everyone at their table sits/sets up at their designated space and that all rules are followed. Information Specialist: Our information specialist may be stationed at locations around the host city or at the event. Their responsibilities may include registration, handling of VIPs, event support, etc.

How can I apply to volunteer?

The online volunteer application is now available. All applicants must fully complete the online application for consideration. Once completed, you will be contacted for an in-person/Skype interview.

Why does the application require my Social Security Number?

The safety and security of our volunteers and guests is top priority for all Diner en Noir events and lays the foundation for an exceptional experience. Your Social Security number SSN), or equivalent identification, is required in order to conduct the necessary background screening to participate in the volunteer program. This information is securely and confidentially stored in the volunteer management system until select decisions are made, and then securely and confidentially transmitted to the appropriate agency for screening. Should to be selected to serve as a volunteer, you SSN will be required for our Volunteer Service Agreement (similar to an employment contract) as you be handling sensitive information, financial documentation, processing payment informaton and handling money.

What criteria will you use to select volunteers?

After the completion of the online application, every applicant must complete a face-to-face/Skype interview. Volunteers will be selected based on enthusiasm, volunteer experience dedication to service and a set of determining factors based on the specific position. Once selected, volunteers must pass a criminal background check in order to participate.

What does it take to be a Planning Committee Member?

Planning Committee Members are an integral part of the success of the production of the event. They help streamline communication and provide structure and direction in fulfilling expectations for both volunteers and Diner en Noir Corporate. The following is required of all Planning Committee Members: Leadership Great communication Positivity Experience leading large groups Commit 10-20 hours a month for 3 months leading to the event date Problem solve The ability to pull from your personal roladex/contacts Experience in event planning/logistics/communication/sponsorships/etc. Provide written feedback

How will volunteers be notified if selected?

Selected individuals will be notified via email.

What's the minimum age for volunteering?

All applicants must be at least 21 years old at the time of submission.

What are the benefits of volunteering for Diner en Noir?

Once the event date is announced in your city, hundreds of members and their guests will anticipate the location and experience of the event. As a volunteer, you have an opportunity to represent your city during this historic event. With events scheduled throughout the United States, Diner en Noir is poised to be one of the largest growing dining events and being part of our events is a rare opportunity. In addition to being a part of history, each volunteer will receive level-specific benefits: Planning Committee Members: Will receive 2 Full Registration Tickets (for 4 people) for the current planning event. Group Leaders: Will receive 1 Full Registration Ticket to the NEXT Diner en Noir event happening in your city. Table Leaders: Will receive 1 Dining Registration Ticket to the NEXT Diner en Noir event happening in your city. Information Specialist: Volunteers who successfully work a TWO-hour shift will receive EITHER reimbursement of their Dining Experience Registration OR Access to the Founder's Lounge "After-Dinner" Party for the Member and their guest.

Is a #DEN Membership required for volunteering?

Yes, Diner en Noir Membership is required to attend and volunteer all Diner en Noir events