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For those of you who haven’t attended a Dîner en Noir event before, much of the information you will receive can be confusing, and the event preparation can seem daunting. However, if you follow the below steps, we are confident, an AMAZING & MAGICAL experience will be had.


This is the crucial first step to registering & attending any Dîner en Noir event as Membership is REQUIRED to do so.  PLEASE NOTE:  Membership & Event Registration are TWO separate costs.  Securing a membership DOES NOT register you to attend an event but allows for registration for the event in your Host City.  Membership is REQUIRED to register for any #DEN Event.  To SECURE YOUR MEMBERSHIP:


Step 1 - Choose the Membership for your City - Select your #DEN Membership for the city interested in. Once the “SECURE MEMBERSHIP” button is clicked, sign in or create a Member Profile, enter your payment details, the email used with your Membership Profile & click the Buy Now Button. This process MUST be completed within ONE-HOUR to avoid deletion of your profile.  Once you've processed your membership payment, you MUST log out and log back in to activate it and receive event notifications/emails/etc. See Confirm Your Membership below.  PLEASE NOTE: Becoming a Member IS NOT registering for an event.  Once payment is processed, BE SURE to return to Paypal to mark services received to activate your membership!

PLEASE NOTE:  If your DEN City IS NOT listed below, please choose the basic #DEN Membership (MBR) Plan.  Once your DEN City is announced, it is your responsibility to contact us to have your membership transferred/updated with the new city. There is a two-week grace period from the time the #DEN City is announced. Failure to do so within the required grace period will require you to purchase the city-specific #DEN Membership.  

Step 2 - Join the eVIP List for the #DEN Community for your City - Once your #DEN Membership is secured, be sure to join the #DEN Community associated with your membership via our eVIP List and our social media platforms to ensure you never miss an update. Join Now at www.dî


PLEASE NOTE: Dîner en Noir maintains an ALL SALES FINAL/NO REFUND (for any reason whatsoever) Policy. What does this mean?  If you mistakenly purchase numerous memberships or purchase an incorrect membership, you will not be refunded.  Did you purchase an extra membership package(s) or event ticket(s) by mistake?  Consider gifting the extra membership(s)/event ticket(s) to a family member, friend or coworker.  Simply email us at with the email address associated with the extra membership or ticket and the updated contact information (name & email address) for the ticket or membership and we'll switch ownership.   PLEASE NOTE:  Only #DEN Members can register and attend events.  If gifting an event registration, the receiver must already be a member.  If not, have them secure their membership PRIOR to contacting us.  For more information on our refund policies, please visit  

Now that you’ve secured your #DEN Membership, the below important next steps need to be taken ASAP.


This is as important as securing your membership. Enter the first and last name, residential address as well as your landline or/and mobile number(s) as this information is important during event registration.  Also, be sure you upload a recent photo, that should match your current look for verification when you arrive at your Diner en Noir event.


Upon securing your membership, sign in to your account (top right of the website) and verify your active membership(s) by selecting My Subscriptions from the Member Profile drop-down list.  A tab will open in your Member Profile will show all of your active Subscriptions plans.

Membership Confirmation
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If you paid but have found that there is no Subscription attached to your account, be sure to SIGN OUT & SIGN BACK I IN.  If you still don't see an plan attached to your account, please FORWARD the original emailed (not a screenshot) payment receipt from (not the Membership order confirmation) to


Be sure WHITELIST and add our email addresses and domain (info@dî & [city]@dî, example: chicago@dî, dî to your account’s SAFE SENDER to ensure they don't bounce back or go to spam. Also, be sure to sign in to your Dîner en Noir account at least once a week and open our messages so that our system will continue to count you as an active member.  Inactive members or bounces emails don't receive our email notifications.   

Approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the event date you’ll receive an email letting you know the date and time of open registration. If you're planning to attend Dîner en Noir with friends, this is the time to start coordinating your registration options to ensure that you all register at the same time.

Join your Host City group in our #DENCommunity App where you will receive updates on events, registration info, deadlines, etc.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you do not OPEN or EGAGE with your newsletter, the email address associated with your will become INACTIVE. Inactive users may have left our newsletters unopened, unsubscribed from them, or marked them as spam. Inactive email address DO NOT receive our updates or notification as part of our spam reduction automation.


Please note, city-specific event updates will not begin until the event date is announced.  Once the date is announced, #DEN Members of that city will begin to receive updates with registration open dates, Registration Invitations, Tier registration deadlines, mentions in the press, etc. 

All MEMBER CITY-SPECIFIC correspondence will begin with the greeting "Bonjour #DEN - "City" Member" (ex: Bonjour #DEN - Atlanta Member).

All MASS EMAILS (emails to site members, regardless of city, or membership status) will begin with wit the greeting Bonjour #DEN Community. Please do not be concerned if you receive information regarding a #DEN - Washington, DC event and you've secured a #DEN - Chicago Membership.


At least 2-4 weeks prior to the registration open date and 6-8 week prior to the event date you’ll receive an email letting you know the date and time of the event as well as the registration invitation schedule. You Host City's webpage will also be updated with this information. PLEASE NOTE:  No information, including dates, location, seasons, in/outdoor event, etc., will be given PRIOR to this announcement. 


If you're planning to attend Dîner en Noir with friends, this is the time to start coordinating your registration options to ensure that you all register at the same time.


Now that the date has been announced, invitations to register (starting with TIER I, then TIER II, and finally TIER III) will be sent out 24 – 48 hours prior to the opening of each registration phase. Now, here’s where most people drop the ball. You should be in a place where you can dedicate yourself to the registration process and have a strong internet connection.  We suggest registering from a desktop/computer version of the site vs. a mobile/phone version.   Set your alarm and make sure your friends are just as ready as you can be or they may miss the registration window. The tickets are first-come, first-serve and will sell out super fast. 


Be sure that you all choose the same GROUP CODE during registration so that we can assign you all to the same Table Leader.  Existing Members will have the option to invite a friend to become a member and register for the event during TIER III of registration. As spots in each tier are limited, there are no guarantees that your friend will be able to register in your group. Be sure to provide them with the correct Group Code and/or Group/Table Leader name so you can sit together. You will not be able to change groups once registration has been confirmed.


We'll try to be as transparent as possible about this...  if you haven't taken advantage of our membership promotions prior to the date announcement of the Dîner en Noir event in your Host City, chances are you'll end in the final Registration Tier or waitlist and will most likely miss the opportunity to register. 

Registration Tiers

Tickets are  available in 3 Tiers.

  • In Tier I - Guests of the Founder, Community Award Organizations & Event Organizers (to include sponsors, vendors, etc.) and previous guest with a current membership can register. Volunteers and their guest from the previous year's #DEN event are able to attend for free but must register during this time. Becoming a volunteer is really easy; simply watch out for the announcement on your city's/event's Facebook Page and in your email inbox (if you've joined your DEN Community's eVIP List)

  • In Tier II - All current members for the Host City can register.  

  • In Tier III - Current members can invite guests to become members and register.  Membership and registration will open to those on the waitlist, then the general public. 

Registration Experience Options 

DINING - Guests need to bring a square table (27" x 27" x 27") folding-table, two black chairs (or with black chair covers); a black picnic basket, a gourmet meal for two, a black tablecloth and cloth-napkins, cutlery, dishware, glassware, black transport cart that will fit under your table and a black garbage bag to take your trash. Wine and champagne can be purchased from the #DENStore and picked up at the event check-in. 

PLATED- Guests simply need to bring themselves. Guest will enjoy a fully catered 3-course dining experience complete with wait service. Note: wine/champagne not included. Wine and champagne can be purchased from the #DENStore and picked up at event check-in.

FULL - Guests simply need to bring themselves. Guests will enjoy a fully catered 3-course dining experience and complimentary pairing complete with wait service. Guests will also enjoy access to the Founder's Lounge, which is the most exclusive experience of the Dîner en Noir event.  Founder's Lounge guests enjoy complimentary drinks & heavy passed hors d'oeuvres during the Aperitif Cocktail Hour & Digestif After-Dîner Party, perks from our Partnering Sponsors and much more! Additional wine and champagne can be purchased from the #DENStore.


PLEASE NOTE: Outside alcoholic beverages are prohibited at all Dîner en Noir event and any violation is grounds for immediate expulsion from the event. Not all registration options may be available in your city.

Event registration includes admission for the member and ONE guest, and attendance for both is MANDATORY. Failure to attend without at least a 72-hour prior notification will result in an "absent" in which your membership will be terminated, and you will not be able to register to any other Dîner en Noir events. 

To register for the event, simply visit the Host City event tab and click on the REGISTER button.  Be sure that registration for the Host City is open (NOT OPEN, OPEN, or CLOSED will be notated under the registration button) and that you are within the correct open registration tier.   

While registration pricing is determined by the event organizer, please visit our F.A.Qs tab for approximate pricing.  


In most cases, when parking is not available, you'll be asked to choose your meet-up location and select your group and bus leaders either during the event registration process or after registration has closed. Everyone in your group must select the same meetup location and bus/table leader in order to sit together. If there are only two of you, this will be no issue. However, if you are in a group of 6 or more we highly suggest you coordinate your table efforts in order to sit together. Per our current rules, you will not be able to switch attendees to different buses. If attending as a group, we suggest that one person reserve bus seats for the entire group or that you purchase a table.

Depending on the location & logistics, notification of the Rendezvous Location may between 2 days & 5 hours prior to Rendezvous Location meet up time. Have more questions about the location, please see our F.A.Qs

PLEASE NOTE: Please arrive at the meet-up location on time! The group WILL NOT wait for you. If you’re late, you will be marked as ‘absent’, your membership will be terminated and you will not be able to register to any other Dîner en Noir events.


If you haven't already started prepping for the big day, NOW is the time to start. Dîner en Noir requires a lot of pre-planning. If you've opted for the Dining Experience, which requires you to bring a table, chairs, flatware, drinkware, food, etc, this step is crucial.  If you're attending with a group, we suggest you all coordinate via group text message or the GroupMe App, so this event will go off without a hitch.

Be sure to sign in to your account and review the event registration pages for updates, information, etc., at least once a week.


Depending on your registration option, guests will need to the below items:

All Guests

Printed electronic confirmation (online registration)

1 form of ID for each person (guests must be 21 years old minimum)


Dining Experience Registered Guests:

1 square 27” x 27” x 27 folding table - Example:

Two black folding chairs (or black chair covers)

Black picnic basket/hamper (may be covered in black fabric & MUST fit under your table) - Example:

Picnic Basket Items:

  • One black tablecloth and two black cloth napkins

  • Two black plates and two dessert plates (non-disposable)

  • Two sets of cutlery (no plastic)

  • Two glasses

  • A 3-course gourmet meal for two

  • One wine bottle opener

  • Water, non-alcoholic drinks

  • One black garbage bag for disposing of garbage at end of the event

  • One matchbox or lighter (to light the sparklers)

  • One vase and bouquet - colorful flowers allowed (optional)

  • Lights or electric votive candles

💡💡 Recommended Tips

Use a trolley to carry your table and chairs (should be black or covered in black fabric) – Highly recommended!

In case of rain, please bring a transparent and /or black raincoat, poncho, or umbrella

Plated & Full Experience Registered Guests:

Just bring your guest and yourself!

12.  WHAT TO WEAR - The Dress Code

Guests are REQUIRED to dress in everything EN NOIR and chic!  Originality and creativity are encouraged, as long as it is elegant, stylish and tasteful.  All-Black means NO OTHER COLORS!.  The only accepted splash of color: Silver or gold for accessories.


Ladies: Elegant black ensemble.

Gentlemen: Classy black dress shirt and paints 


The Dress Code - OUI!

Suggested Attire:

Black Hats - Highly



Black Jackets


Black Shoes


Black Masks & Gloves

All Black NO GO Outfit.jpg

The Dress Code - NON!

Prohibited Attire


Baseball Caps


T-shirts and Tank-Tops


Sport Shoes and Flip-Flops


Shorts and Bermuda Shorts


Wearing of Prohibited Attire will DENY your entrance to the event

PLEASE NOTE:  One of the staples of #DEN events is our dress code and our VERY STRICT adherence to that dress code.  Failure to abide by the dress code will result in your rejected entrance to the event. Unsure of what to wear?  Schedule a styling consultation with our in-house creative director, Aisha Keys, @crazecharmeleonstudio as our general info help desk is unable to provide any further advice or guidance than what's stated above.

12.  #DENStore

Several days before the event, your #DENStore will open, which will allow guests to purchase bottles of red & white wines, champagne and event keep-sakes (t-shirts, mugs, throw pillows, etc).

To access your event's #DENStore, simply sign in to your member profile and visit your Event Registration Page.


On the day of the event, registered guests will receive the Rendezvous Location via email and/or text several hours prior to the event.


Your arrival time will be dependent on your registration option. It is imperative that you arrive by the time stated in our email/text notification on the day of the event.


Your TABLE LEADER will be available at the meeting location as well as registration and check-in. 

Please arrive on time! The group WILL NOT wait for you. If you’re late, you will be marked as ‘absent’, and you will not be able to register to any other Dîner en Noir events.

Day of event timeline of events:

  • Location Rendezvous/Meet-Up Point & Time Announcement - Several Hours Prior to Meet-Up Time

  • Dining Experience Meet-Up & Departure Time - Previously Announced

  • Dining Experience Registration/Check-In at Event Location

  • Dining Experience Set-Up

  • Plated & Full Experience Meet-Up & Departure Time - Previously Announced

  • Plated & Full Experience Registration/Check-In at Event Location

  • Aperitif Welcome Cocktail Reception - 1.5 hrs - The cocktail reception will include a cash bar for Dining & Plated Experience Guests & open bar & passed appetizers & live entertainment for Full Experience Guest in the Founder's Lounge.

  • Seated Dinner - 2 hrs = During the seated dinner portion of the event, any guest who pre-purchased wine can retrieve it at the designated area. Full Experience guest will enjoy a complimentary wine/cocktail pairing with dinner. The cash bar will remain open throughout dinner.  

  • Digestif After-Dinner Networking Party - 2 hrs - The Networking Party will include a cash bar for Dining & Plated Experience Guests & open bar for Full Experience Guests in the Founder's Lounge.

  • Event Ends - Breakdown/Clean up of Dining Experience Area



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