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Aspen / Atlanta / Baltimore / Barcelona / Boston / Chicago / Dallas / London / Los Angeles / Houston / Huntsville Miami / Palm Springs / Paris / Philadelphia / Pittsburgh / San Francisco / Washington, DC

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Please Note: A Dîner en Noir (#DEN) Membership is required to register and attend the #DEN Event in your Host City. You can find all the details regarding the event on our website under your Host City tab. For NEXT STEPS, be sure to visit our First-Timer's Guide at By proceeding with this purchase, you agree with our Terms, Conditions of Use, and Policies (TC&P) at We're looking forward to hosting you at Dîner en Noir - Celebrating Arts, Business & Community!

Membership FAQs
  • What is Dîner en Noir?
    Le Dîner en Noir is a members-only, 3-part, black-attire, themed dining experience usually consisting of an Aperitif Cocktail Hour, Seated Dinner and Digestif After-Dinner Party which takes place as secret locations in cities across the U.S. Its ain is to promote and support the local arts & small business communities of the host city.
  • Is Dîner en Noir associated with Dîner en Blanc?
    No. While there are certain similarities, Dîner en Noir (#DEN) has no association with either Dîner en Blanc - Paris, Dîner en Blanc - International, or any Dîner en Blanc local affiliates. Part fully immersive dining event, part art & business networking opportunity, part health information resource, and part community fundraiser, #DEN Events are a chic and memorable way to support the local community. For more information, please visit Dîner en Noir (#DEN) events are member-only, fully curated, 3-part, black attire fine dining experiences held in secret locations in cities across the globe. #DEN's mission is to address the structural & financial inequities of arts programming, small business development, and health and wellness education in the vulnerable & under-served communities of our Host Cities. We accomplish our mission by: highlighting/promoting the talents of local artists utilizing the services/products of local small businesses and offering vendor & business partnership opportunities at #DEN Events bringing awareness to health and wellness issues & disparities directly affecting our communities. financially supporting front-line arts programming, small business development, and health awareness/delivery non-profit organizations/programs in our Host Cities with our #DEN Community Awards ​
  • What do I need to bring to the event?
    WHAT TO BRING Depending on your registration option, guests will need to the below items: ​ All Guests Printed electronic confirmation (online registration) 1 form of ID for each person (guests must be 21 years old minimum) Dining Experience Registered Guests: 1 square folding table (between 27” x 27” x 27 and 2 black folding chairs (or black chair covers) Black picnic basket/hamper (may be covered in black fabric) Picnic Basket Items: 1 black tablecloth and 2 black cloth napkins 2 black plates and 2 dessert plates (non-disposable) 2 sets of cutlery (no plastic) 2 glasses 1 quality meal for two: first course, main course, cheese, dessert, bread… 1 wine bottle opener Water, non-alcoholic drinks 1 black garbage bag 1 matchbox or 1 lighter (to light the sparklers) 1 vase and bouquet - colorful flowers allowed (optional) Lights or electric votive candles 💡💡 Recommended Tips Use a trolley to carry your table and chairs – Highly recommended! In case of rain, please bring a transparent and /or black raincoat, poncho, or umbrella ​ Plated & Full Experience Registered Guests: Just bring your guest and yourself!
  • What is the typical Registration Cost at attend a Dîner en Noir event?
    Registration Cost While Event Registration Costs are determined by your event organizer, Host City, and depends on your Experience option, the below costs are approximately: Dining Experience: $140.00 Plated Experience: $260.00 Full Experience: $390.00 Plated Table of 6: $680.00 * Full Experience Table of 6: $1,000 * * At least THREE table guests MUST be a #DEN Member For a full description of Registration Options, please visit ALL EXPERIENCE REGISTRATION OPTIONS INCLUDE ADMISSION FOR THE MEMBER & ONE GUEST. Membership & Transaction Fees Annual Membership Fee varies and depends on the city, promotion and when membership is secured. Membership Fees can range from $29 - $69 per member (membership is required for registration and attendance for any event) and payable directly to Dîner en Noir Worldwide. This annual fee ensures that registered members have the priority of being automatically re-invited to the following year’s event; they can also sponsor a friend to attend the event and join the Dîner en Noir National Network. There is also a 10-15% Ticket Sale Transactional Fee that goes to Dîner en Noir Worldwide. For more information on fees, please visit
  • How do I request a refund?
    We maintain a NO REFUND/ALL SALES FINAL Policy. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our events, the approval and clearance process, and payment deadlines, as well as stated on the event page, throughout our website, at the Point-of-Sale website and in your confirmation email, Dîner en Noir event membership/registrations/product sales are final, and we are unable to offer refunds for any reason whatsoever. For more information on refund, plese review our Term, Conditions of Use, and Policies at
  • Can membership or tickets be transferred?
    If an extra or incorrect membership/ticket is purchased under the SAME email address for the same city, we may allow you to gift the membership to a member-eligible person if: the transferee is member-eligible (has not been banned previously) the Membership Fee is the same as it was when the membership was initially purchased (there was no increase in price). PLEASE NOTE: We CANNOT charge an adjusted amount or for the price differential. If you've purchased two memberships for the same city under different email addresses, we unfortunately, can't assist with you rectifying the issue.
  • I've purchase to the incorrect/duplicate membership or ticket by mistake, what can I do?
    Unfortunately, we maintain a strict No Refund/All Sales Final Policy. This means that no refunds will be offered for any reason whatsoever. If an incorrect or duplicate membership was purchased, consider gifting that membership to a family member, friend or co-worker. As each Host City REQUIRES its own membership, the correct membership will need to be purchased to attend any corresponding events for that city. If you've purchased the incorrect membership by mistake, we are unable assist with you rectifying the issue. Memberships are only transferred to new Host Cities once the new host city is announced and must be requested within the timeframe given on the notification email Please see our "Can Memberships be transferred & refunded?" FAQ for additional options.
  • I purchased a General Dîner en Noir Membership, now what?
    Did you take advantage of our General Dîner en Noir Membership discount option because your Host City wasn't listed? If so, you are halfway there. We are constantly announcing the launch of new Dîner en Noir Host Cities. Once the announcement is made via social media, email, and/or the #DENCommunity App, etc., simply sign into your member account and contact us via the Customer Service Chat to notify us that you'd like to switch your #DEN-MEMBER Membership to the new Host City. Please Note: All transfer requests MUST be received by the deadline indicated in the New Host City notification. Failure to send your notification in by the deadline will result in forfeiture of your option to transfer to the new Host City and a membership for that Host City will need to be purchased. Be sure to Whitelist all Dîner en Noir communications so that our emails don't go to your spam mail or that you don't miss crucial deadlines. Should you miss these communications, instructions, or deadlines, unfortunately, you'll need to secure a new paid membership and/or registration. For more information on our Event Postponement or Refund Policies, please visit
  • How do I organize a Dîner en Noir event in my city?
    Dîner en Noir Corporate has established an exclusive service to facilitate the organization and management of Dîner en Noir events nation-wide, and soon to be worldwide. This turnkey service enables interested local teams to produce Dîner en Noir events in their own city, while also connecting to the organizer/host to our National Network. For more information on organizing your own event, please visit
  • What is the typical time frame for organizing a Dîner en Noir event?
    Organizing a large-scale event like Dîner en Noir requires a great deal of commitment and preparation. We generally require a minimum of 3 months to help you organize and execute your event.
  • What is the selection process for hosting a Dîner en Noir event in my city?
    To apply to host/organize a Diner en Noir event, please visit to submit an inquiry form. We will review your information, and if your team is qualified, we will schedule a Skype/conference call to continue the application process and give you more information regarding the organization of a Dîner en Noir event. Please take note that we will only consider applications if all requested information has been submitted.
  • Are there any costs associated with becoming an Host-Organizer of a Dîner en Noir event?
    Dîner en Noir Worldwide charges an initial licensing fee for all first-time hosts/organizers. This licensing fee allows for use of trademarks and all support services. First-time hosts will also be responsible for transportation & accommodation for a Dîner en Noir Worldwide corporate management team member if the event is located more than 2 hours from the Washington, DC headquarters. Local hosts must understand, however, that by undertaking this project, they accept the responsibilities associated with hosting a large-scale event and commit to respecting the guidelines and specifications intended to preserve the spirit and the values of Le Dîner en Noir. For more information visit
  • What sponsorship/partnership opportunities exist with Dîner en Noir?
    Dîner en Noir Corporate prides itself on its association with some of the most exciting and elegant brands worldwide; however, this event is a dinner among friends, community members and like-minded folks coming together to celebrate food, arts, business and community. Sponsorship opportunities are limited to ensure the quality of the event and to promote its valued elegance, gourmet cuisine, and refinement. For more information, please see
  • Are Dîner en Noir events legal?
    Absolutely! All events are produced in accordance with Le Dîner en Noir Corporate strict guidelines and require local hosts to acquire the proper authorization, permits, and insurances before proceeding with their event. Dîner en Noir Corporate requires strict adherence to locals laws and policies.
  • I was invited by a member to attend a previous Dîner en Noir. Will I automatically be invited back this year?
    Unfortunately, you will not automatically receive an invitation to this following events. The current online system allows for one “registered member” and one “invited guest” per ticket, making registered members the only ones to be automatically re-invited. However, all Dîner en Noir participants may become members, and both people will be automatically re-invited the following year when they secure a membership for the current year. You may also return this year with the same person, get invited/sponsored by another member, or register to the waiting list to become a member yourself.
  • What are the key rules of the event?
    Le Dîner en Noir requires exemplary citizenship and discipline from the members & participants. Here are several of the main rules: ● Guests must commit to attending, rain or shine, no matter the circumstance. ● Exude Elegance … in UNDISTURBED BLACK (includes accessories, jewelry, shoes, etc - may be changed by organizer/host). *** EXTREMELY IMPORTANT ***. Originality is encouraged, as long as it remains elegant and tasteful. ● Follow the Volunteer Leader’s, Organizer/Host instructions. Le Dîner en Noir maintains a 100% NO TOLERANCE Policy for rude, disrespectful or harassing behavior to our hosts/organizers, guests, staff members, event partners, etc. either in person, via phone or email. ● Arrive and leave with your Leader. Nobody arrives at the site on their own. ● All guest must be at least 21 years of age. ● Drink Responsibly. ● Clean up: Take all your garbage to the trash with you and clean the area around your table. ● Guest MUST NOT share the confidential event, website, registration, access codes, location or any relevant, patron personal/confidential information. Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in rejection of the event or immediate ejection/expulsion from the event. Please note that members who disrespect Dîner en Noir rules will result in the name and email being blacklisted, prohibiting them from registering for any future editions. Please read Terms, Conditions of Use and Policies CAREFULLY at
  • How many events does Dîner en Noir have in each city?
    Dîner en Noir usually hosts 1-2 main events each year and smaller "Salon" events thoughtout the year.
  • Are Dîner en Noir event tickets tax-deductible?
    While Dîner en Noir supports and donates 25% of it profits to support local non-profit organizations/programs, Dîner en Noir is a for-profit entity and therefore, any funds paid by way of event registration, membership, etc. are NOT tax-deductible.
  • When will the date for my city be announced?
    #DEN event dates are usually released 4 - 8 weeks prior to the event date. If the event date is NOT listed on your Host City's event webpage, it has not been announced. Depending on when membership is purchased, there may be 2 - 9 months from the time of purchase to the time the event date is announced as we usually host our events during the spring & fall months. If a membership is listed for your city for that year, then an event is expected to take place during that calendar year. Current members will receive an email invitation to register 24-48 hours prior to their TIER-Specific Registration opening. PLEASE NOTE: Once the date is announced, the membership price increase drastically. • Follow Dîner en Noir's social media accounts. The Save the Date notifications will go up on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. • If you are a current member or added the #DENCommunity for your city at, you’ll receive a Save the Date email notification. Please make sure your email on file is correct and that you have access to it.
  • Where is the location of the Dîner en Noir Event?
    The location for each Diner en Noir event will be announced to each registered guest on the date of the event, several hours prior to the Meet-Up Time. If there is no need for travel time (Rendexvous Location IS the venue location), the location announment may not be until 5 hours prior to event start time. Absolutely NO location information will be given out prior to the Rendezvous Location announcement email/text of registered guests. Wondering if the event will be outside or inside? Know that if event is held outside, we make all preperations (tents, heat lamps, etc.) for weather conditions.
  • Will Dîner en Noir be cancelled do to inclement weather?
    No, Diner en Noir events are never "canceled" and are rain or shine events. Depending on the season/time of year we're hosting the event, we always make weather accomadations. However, in some extreme instances due to event venue accomodations, logistical issues, etc., we may postpone an event until a later date. Wondering if the event will be outside or inside? Know that if event is held outside, we make all preperations (tents, heat lamps, etc.) for weather conditions.
  • I secured a Dîner en Noir Membership for a city that did not occur that year, now what?
    Dîner en Noir prides itself on offering it members & guests the complete #DEN experience. If we feel this cannot be accomplished in a specific city due to member count, event date options, location availability, lack of a Host-Organizer, weather conditions, city closure, etc., we will not host an event in that city that year. If an #DEN event is not held in a particular Host City which a membership was offered, the memberships will automatically & complimentary be renewed for the following year. As this is automatic, the member does not need to take any additional steps. The member will be notified by the Host City's Host-Organizer once the date of the event has been set and will received registration instructions once registration opens.
  • I registered for an #DEN Event that was postponed, now what?
    While postponing an event is always our last resort, sometimes it's the only option. Should an event be postponed to later in the year, we'll simply update all registered guests with the new event information. Should an event be postponed until the next year, there are specific time-sensitive instructions that registered guest will receive, and must follow, to receive a complimentary registration for the event planned for the next year. These instructions are usually sent prior to the launch of the new season of Dîner en Noir or once the date for the next event has been announced. Be sure to Whitelist all Dîner en Noir communications so that our emails don't go to your spam mail or that you don't miss crucial deadlines. Should you miss these communications, instructions, or deadlines, unfortunately, you'll need to secure a new paid membership and/or registration. For more information on our Event Postponement or Refund Policies, please visit
  • I can't access/find my Profile (deleted).  What happened?
    Chances are, IF you completed a member profile and you it cannot be found when attempting to sign in, one of the following occurred: 1) Your profile was deleted because you have NOT completed the membership profile and PAID for a membership paid Subscription Plan. Any profiles without a Subscription Plan associated with them after the 6-HOUR deadline go into the cue to delete. 2) It could be that you used a different email when creating your profile. 3) Your profile was incomplete and did not contain an updated profile photo, address, valid email address, or a paid Subscription. For more inforamtion OR if you think we've made a mistake in deleting your profile, please visit
  • How do I register for the event in my Host City?
    To register for the #DEN Event in your Host City, you must FIRST secure your membership at Once membership has been secured, members will be notified of the event date once it has been announced. Once the event date is announced, members will receive additional information regarding registration. Members will receive email notifications/invitations 48 hours prior to their eligible tier opening. For more information, please visit our First-Timer's Guide at
Please Note:  Please review Website Terms & Conditions of Use and Policies (TC&P) prior to purcshasing a membership.  Statement charges will show as HNC Enterprises, Inc .  Transaction & Membership fees are final - No Refunds. Please review our Refund Policy at

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