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Dîner en Noir License Application Process
STEP 1  - Application Submission

This gets the process started. The application should include all the information we need to learn about you and the vision for your #DEN Event.

STEP 2 -Understanding the Diner en Noir brand

During this stage, you should review our website to familiarize yourself with the #DEN brand differentiators (what sets up a apart from the "other" color-attire events).


STEP 3 - Founder confirmation call

Once our corporate team reviews your application and determines that we are a good fit for each other, we will invite you to a virtual Confirmation Call with our Founder & President of Diner en Noir Worldwide.

STEP 4 - The Founder Call

During the call, you'll gain a thorough understanding of the support we provide to you as a Host-Organizer (licensee) including training, technology, marketing, and business optimization–we have you covered. During this call, you will have the opportunity to aske any questions you/your team has for a deep dive into making the #DEN experience a huge success.

STEP 5 - Final approval & execution of agreement

If at the end of the call, both you and our Founder feels the great about the partnership moving forward, our executive team with draft a licensing agreement for review and signature. One the agreement has been fully executed (signed & initial License Fee paid), we'll on-board you within the weeks and you'll be up and running!

NOTE:  Execution of Licensing Agreement & Payment of Initial Licensing Fees

PLEASE NOTE: Once the licensing agreement is presented, there is a FIVE-DAY grace period allowed for review, execution, return, and payment of the licensing fees. After which, the agreement will be null and void, and the license will become available to the next party in the cue for the territory (city). 

ONLY submit an application ONCE you are ready to move forward with payment of the upfront Initial #DEN Licensing Fee.

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