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A brand ambassador is a person who partners with a company or organization to promote the firm’s brand, educate about the company and its products, and increase brand awareness. In terms of look, behavior, values, and ethics, the brand ambassador is expected to understand the business and embody the business’ identity. The capacity of brand ambassadors to deploy promotional methods to build the customer-product-service relationship and inspire a big audience to understand and want to buy a product is a critical component.

We’re excited that you’re interested in becoming a DINER EN NOIR (#DEN) Brand Partner! Many members and loyalists have asked us how to become a brand ambassador. Each brand is different and sets different requirements for brand advocates, influencers, content creators, and collaborators. Here is our brand ambassador meaning and some of the features #DEN partners share.


So, what does it mean to be a brand ambassador? A brand ambassador is typically referred to as a positive spokesman, an opinion leader, or a community influencer who is hired as an internal or external agent to increase product or service sales and raise brand recognition. The phrase “brand ambassador” used to be reserved for celebrities but has evolved to include self-branding and personal brand management in addition to celebrity branding. However, for many people it is still unclear as to how to become a brand influencer. For us here are #DEN you should:

  • Be an aficionado and want to support and promote all things Black Excellence 

  • Love, appreciate, and connect with your local community of Black business owners, professionals, artists, & community leaders 

  • Appreciate and promote the entrepreneurial lifestyle (you don’t need to be a business owner but need to have an understanding and appreciation for the lifestyle)

  • Be passionate about the wellbeing of our underserved communities

  • Be a promoter of self-love, self-assurance, inclusion, and optimism

  • Possess values that align with the mission of #DEN

  • Be active on social media, at least one social channel – all social platforms are accepted

  • Have a social media audience that is engaged, receptive, and interested in learning about new things

  • Be self-motivated


Dîner en Noir is a global social enterprise & member-benefit professional networking organization uniting a diverse tapestry of executives, entrepreneurs, artists, disruptors, leaders, and visionaries worldwide. We champion Black entrepreneurship, economic growth, and empowerment through our exclusive Salon Events providing members with opportunities to engage with their local #DENCommunity, increase their professional connections, and foster purposeful, valuable, intentional, and financially rewarding business relationships. With a mission of combating systemic inequities in arts programming, small business/economic development, and health/wellness education/delivery in the underserved communities of our Host Cities, our annual Signature community awards galas celebrate Black excellence in arts, business, and community while supporting local frontline mission-aligned non-profits. Join us in promoting a culture of creativity, prosperity, and positive social impact within your community and across the globe. 


As a #DEN Brand Ambassador, you are expected to act as a spokesperson for the company and 

  • Promoting the brand: Attending local in-person events to promote brand, current promotions

  • Educating customers: Answering questions, providing positive feedback, and helping customers understand the nature of our membership & events

  • Creating content: Developing social media strategies and reposting/posting engaging content to build brand awareness & drive membership sales and/or event registrations

  • Marketing: With the assistance of the corporate office, develop marketing campaigns, create promotional materials, and evaluate your marketing strategies

  • Driving sales: Everything you do should with a goal to drive sales, meeting or exceed sales goals, and share member feedback with corporate

  • Maintaining relationships: Establishing and maintaining relationships with potential members, vendors, and merchants

  • Escalating complaints: Escalating complaints to the corporate


  1. Unique Partner Proposition: Partner with a global brand synonymous with Black excellence, sophistication, and community support

  2. No Entry Barrier: Becoming a partner requires no upfront investment, making it accessible to individuals and small businesses.

  3. Diverse Income Stream: Partners can diversify their income by partnering with #DEN, adding an additional revenue source.

  4. Flexibility:  Partners enjoy flexibility in terms of when and how they promote #DEN products and services, allowing them to integrate affiliate marketing into their existing content or business model.

  5. Community Support:  Ultimately everything we do at #DEN to in support of our local communities.  Whether we're helping Black business owners, professionals, or artists elevate their brands/companies, or supporting local mission-aligned non-profits, we're looking for brand partners who wants to make a difference in their communities.


  • Generous Commissions:

    • Earn 15% - 20% commission on every membership sale & event registration generated through your unique coupon code.

    • ​Tiered commission structures that reward partners for higher volumes of sales.

      • Volume-Based Tiers:

        • Partners will earn higher commissions as they reach the following predefined sales volume thresholds:

        • Partners that achieve $3,000 in sales for the month with unlock a 17% commission rate.

        • Parners that achieve $5,000 in sales for the month will unlock a 20% commission rate.

  • Quick and Reliable Payments & Options:

    • Prompt and reliable payment processes through regular payment schedules and no payment thresholds.

    • We offer a weekly distribution of funds all successful purchases.

    • Convenient and instant payout via CashApp & Venmo 

  • Performance Bonuses & Incentives:

    • Performance-based bonuses & additional incentives for top-performing partners, encouraging them to exceed their targets 

      • Affiliates who meet the monthly sales objective benchmarks of $3,000 for 3 consecutive months, qualify for a $500.00 performance bonus or a Full-Service #DEN Event ticket for their Host City.

  • Exclusive Promotions:

    • #DEN provides partners with exclusive promotions, discounts, or early access to new products, giving them an edge in attracting their audience.

  • Partner Contests:

    • #DEN hosts partner contests with exciting prizes for top performers, fostering a sense of competition and motivation.

  • Recognition and Awards:

    • Acknowledge and celebrate partner's achievements through awards, certificates, or recognition in newsletters and on your website.

  • Referral Programs:

    • A referral program where partners can earn additional commissions for recruiting new partners into the program.


  1. Sign Up: Sign into your member account or Become a Member (membership required) to complete our Ambassador Sign-Up Form to register as a #DEN Brand Partner.

  2. Receive Your Unique Partner Coupon Code: Upon approval and signate of your Brand Ambassador Agreement, you'll receive a unique Coupon Code to track your purchases.

  3. Promote: Share the #DEN Experience and benefits with your audience through your website, blog, or social media using your unique #DEN Partner Coupon Code.

  4. Earn Commissions: Start earning 15%+ commission on every successful membership/ticket sale generated with your #DEN Partner Coupon Code.

At Dîner en Noir Worldwide, we value the dedication and efforts of our partners. Our compensation structure is designed to provide you with competitive rewards and incentives as you contribute to the success of our organization

Join Us in spreading the word, creating memories, and supporting your local community. We believe that great experiences are meant to be shared. Join the #DEN Brand Ambassador Program and be part of unique dining experience, while earning commissions for every member you bring to the table.

If you have any questions or need further clarification on our compensation structure, please contact us via our Customer Service Chat or at


Thank you for being part of the #DEN Brand Ambassador Program!

Bon appétit and happy promoting!

Dîner en Noir Worldwide

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