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Apply for a #DEN Event License

Before a Dîner en Noir (DEN) event can be organized, a DEN Event License must be obtained from the Dîner en Noir Worldwide corporate office

Before applying, please make sure to:

Read the #DEN Organizer Rules

Pick your Event Type

Read about Naming Your Event

Things to remember

  • Spirit/purpose: Your event must maintain the spirit of #DEN itself & focused on the mission of the organization.   

  • Co-branding: We do not allow co-branding -- either connecting the #DEN logo/identity/name to the name of another organization, non-profit, corporation or other or presenting your #DEN event as being organized by such entities.

  • Location: #DEN allocates one location-based license series per applicant; you must live in the city for which you are applying for a license. Your #DEN event must happen in the city for which you received the license. #DEN events do not travel -- a #DEN license is valid for one city, one year, and for one annual event and several possible salon events.


  • Co-events: #DEN events are stand-alone events -- they may not be combined with or integrated into any pre-existing conference or event without written consent from the corporate office.

Application Tips

Before you begin the process, be prepared to make a few decisions to determine the kind of experience you’d like your event to be.

Apply early

Suggest an event date 3+ months away. You’ll need a minimum of three months to organize your event after your license is approved to give your team enough time to develop the event.  #DEN event license applications can take up to eight weeks to review -- great events aren't built in a day! Remember, you will have ONE YEAR to organize your Standard #DEN Event once you are licensed.  Be realistic about time. Does your proposed date provide enough time to plan the event? Does it give your team enough time to construct and effectively produce the event? 

Look for Community Talent & Issues 
We don't expect you to have community partners, vendors, sponsors, benefiting organizations, or performers yet, but what ideas have you found that might lead you to a great event? What incredible ideas or perspectives do you think the world should discover from your community? Is there an amazing artist in your community who is largely unrecognized? These can be a talent you have heard about or local issues that have not yet been addressed in a fun community atmosphere.

Save an offline copy

We recommend you look at the application form first, then spend time offline composing your answers in Google Docs, Microsoft Word or a similar word-processing program. Please remember to keep an offline copy. You can save your draft application and complete it later.

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