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Naming Your #DEN Event

Dîner en Noir events are community-driven and are named after the community in which the event will serve. Find out how to pick a name that fits your community event.

Event naming conventions

All #DEN event names follow the same convention: a name beginning with Dîner en Noir followed by  -  and a location-based descriptor such as the name of a city, neighborhood, etc. e.g., Dîner en Noir -  San Francisco.


Standard Events cannot be named after:

  • Countries

  • States

  • Provinces

  • Regions

  • Location nicknames

  • Historic names

  • Buildings

  • Museums

  • Organizations (such as corporations, nonprofits and NGOs)

  • Themes or topics (i.e. Dîner en Noir, Harlem Renaissance)


Major city names will be reserved for individuals organizing events attended by more than 1000 people. An event for less than 1000 people named after a major city would not adequately serve the community the name represents. (To organize an event attended by more than 5000 people, you need to have attended a qualifying #DEN event in person.)


How to name your event

Your #DEN event name refers to the community that the event will serve. The name should be relevant and meaningful to your audience.


When thinking of your event’s name, consider a neighborhood, street, river, lake or public square name that represents the audience of the event.


The #DEN name you nominate must be local and specific to your area within your town or city.


If you are choosing a street name, public square, lake or other such entity, your event name must have a location qualifier where appropriate, such as Dîner en Noir, RegentSt, Dîner en Noir, BrickLane, Dîner en Noir, RawaRiver.


For example, in Pennsylvania, there may be numerous Dîner en Noir events for specific communities, including Dîner en Noir, Philadelphia, Dîner en Noir, Bensalem, Dîner en Noir, Harrisonburg, etc. 


Institution names

If you are hosting an event for your university or school community, your event can be named after the school or university. Names must include “School”, “University”, “College” or “U” qualifier as part of the name. (Note: Make sure you have the permission of your school or university before applying.)


Internal event names

If you are hosting an internal event, you can apply with the name of your company as the main Dîner en Noir, Google. (This is the only case in which you can do so.) If you are the local branch of an existing Dîner en Noir event corporation, add the local city qualifier at the end of your name (ex: Dîner en Noir, Google, NYC)





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