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Internal Event

Internal Events are for corporations/businesses, nonprofits, government entities and hospitals looking to create a  #DEN event with a co-branded name. This license can be granted at a reduced fee for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization in good standing with proof and donation letter to #DEN Corporate parent corporation at #DEN’s discretion.  Hosting a #DEN Internal Event can be a great avenue for fundraising & inject excitement and innovation into the organizational culture & community.  #DEN Internal events also promote the idea of organizational & community collaboration & involvement.

About this event type

Internal event licenses are granted to organizations for private, business or employee-only events. These events allow organizations to incorporate the spirit of #DEN events into their community culture and are intended to be marketed and shared only within the organization hosting the event.


All #DEN Rules apply to an internal #DEN event license, but with a few very important exceptions:

  • Your audience must be employees only.

  • They can only be marketed and promoted internally; fliers, websites, interviews, photos, videos or any form of promotional or advertising materials must only be targeted to the organization's core community. Actively promoting to the general public is never permitted.

  • Video recorded at Internal events is for internal & community use only and can’t be released publicly.

  • The licensee must be an employee of the organization.

The following also applies to internal events:

Naming your event

Organizers of internal events should name their event based on the institution/organization for which they’re holding their event, followed by the city or neighborhood, .like: Dîner en Noir, (Institution/Organization Name). If your institution is in multiple cities, any of which also host #DEN events, the name should be distinguished from those other #DEN events by adding the name of your city at the end, like: Dîner en Noir, (Institution/Organization Name)(city name) (example: Dîner en Noir, American Cancer Society, Chicago



Your audience will be the employees, staff, members & supporters of your organization. Unfortunately, promoting to the larger general public is forbidden.  You can also invite ticket holders of the public supporting your organization and outside organization members, as special “members” who are associated with the clients or partnering organizations.



Like Standard #DEN Events, there is no maximum number of attendees that can attend your event.  Only primary license holders who have attended a qualifying #DEN event in person may organize an event with more than 1000 attendees (the requirement may be waived with the approval of #DEN Corporate. The primary license holder is the individual whose name is on the application form.  University & Private events are not qualifying.



An internal event is often themed around the industry your institution or organization is a part of and are at the discretion of the organizer.



Like Standard #DEN events, Internal events can be as brief as a couple of hours, and up to eight hours length, this does not include guest set-up and break down.


Ticketing x Pricing

Ticket pricing is determined by the organizer and should go towards the event and operating costs unless otherwise noted for your event type.  Event tickets, if sold, should be done so internal to and managing by the organization. 


All Membership and ticket Transaction Fees are waived for Internal events. 


License fees are based on the number of the expected guest count and are due in accordance with the licensing agreement.


Organizer Responsibilities

The organizer is responsible for all aspects of planning and producing its Internal #DEN event.








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