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University Events

University events are Dîner en Noir events hosted at a college or university and organized by current university administration staff, faculty or students. It allows universities the opportunity to share and unique dining experience dedicated to their college community.

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 About this event type

A university event license follows the same format as the standard event license, except this event is co-branded with a university name (e.g., "Dîner en Noir, Howard University”). This means that the event is hosted by that college or university, so you’ll need permission from that school to hold the event and to use the university's name.


A university license must be held by a current student, faculty or staff member of that university. (Sorry, former staff or alumni aren’t eligible to apply!) One license is allocated per university. However, in special circumstances where a university has schools located in different cities, we can permit licenses for separate events.


The following applies to all university events:


Naming your event

Your event will be named after the full name of the university (e.g., "Dîner en Noir, Howard University”, "Dîner en Noir, Georgetown University”).



The audience should be geared toward the university community of students, faculty and/or administration.



Like standard Dîner en Noir events, university events can have no maximum number of guests. However, only individuals who have attended an official Dîner en Noir event can organize an event with more than 1000 attendees.



For a university event type, your focus or theme should be multidisciplinary and broad, and address a variety of topics. You’ll want to feature a diversity performing acts, speakers from across several disciplines, and speakers from the university where you’re holding your event. To get an idea of what you want the focus of your event to be, learn more about themes.


University Events can be as brief as a couple of hours, and up to one day in length.

Ticketing x Pricing

Ticket pricing is determined by the organizer and should go towards the event and operating costs unless otherwise noted for your event type.  Tickets may only be sold via Dîner en Noir main ticketing & registration system via our site and your Dîner en Noir, [unique event name] event registration page "".  Check your event type for details.


The Membership and ticket Transaction Fees go directly to Dîner en Noir Corporate and are used to cover the inherent costs of training, support, and technical services to all the host-organizers nation-wide o enable them to organize their own events and offered by Dîner en Noir Corporate. 


Revenue from Dîner en Noir, [unique event name], minus ticket Transaction Fee, will be dispersed to organizer weekly via means determined by the organizer  

Below is a list of the University License services & benefits provided to the organizer:

  • Dîner en Noir license for your city

  • Naming: The Dîner en Noir brand extends to your event

  • A fully customizable website that is ready to use (Template style). This includes the Dîner en Noir design/pictures/logo and other

  • Web hosting on our server/subdomain name Ex:

  • City emails for the organization's team Ex:

  • Online guest invite & waiting/eVIP list for your city. Ex: 

  •  Online Registration Tool

  • Proprietary online guest management software. Secure access for the organization team to their management page, and secure access for the guests to their own profile page

  • E-Shop via our #DENStore

  • Facebook affiliated Fan Page Ex:

  • (optional) Twitter affiliated Page EX:

  • Online sharing folder with useful documents related to the event's organization

  • Sponsorship proposal package / DEN Press Kit (coming soon)

  • Email support to the organizers

Members (your guests) will receive access to a secure web page which allows them to:

  • Register for Events

  • Become a Table Host

  • Decide whom to invite to their table

  • Sponsor (ie. recommend) friends

  • Communicate with their Table Leader

  • Communicate with any Members in the world (coming soon)

  • Register and choose their departure point on a map

  • Register with a priority privilege to other Dîner en Noir events (coming soon)

  • Group their table to their friends'

  • Register for specific meal options

  • Buy items on #DENStore. Ex: wine, champagne, etc

  • Download their invoice

  • Be automatically re-invited, once they gain membership status, to your event the following year and guarantee their spot







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